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Advertisements / PSA

Short spots designed to sell ideas, products, or actions to impact decisions.
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  • Drug & Alcohol Unit- Students can create anti-drug PSA's. Students describe why drugs and alcohol are harmful to the body in a comercial like performance.


Thorough, detailed description of a single topic with an evidenced based conclusion well argued for its acceptance.


Problem or topic is described and multiple choices/factors are analyzed for new meaning and thinking about their impact leads to a recommendation with an evidence based conclusion.
  • Simple Machines (Suggested Grade 1): Through images and narration, students would pose the question, how would things we do in our lives be more difficult without ?
  • Can I Live Here? (Suggested Grade 1): Students explore habitats by selecting a plant and telling why it can or cannot live in a certain habitat. For example: (Image 1 - Can a cactus live in the cold? Image 2 - Tell why it would have trouble in that habitat.)
  • What does it take to be inhabitable? (Suggested Grade 3 and 5)- Students choose a planet and describe what it would take to make it inhabitable. They could act as an explorer trying to establish a colony on the planet, or act as an alien explaining their planet to an Earthling.


Similar to analyze/conclude, but also attempts to sway an audience to share the author's position. May contain a 'call to action'.


Comparison of two or more products, ideas or actions presenting pros and cons of each before proposing an adoption of one of them.
  • Plants vs. Human Needs (Suggested Grade 1): Take pictures (own or downloaded) of plants and students and compare and contrast how their needs are alike or different in the narration.
  • First Thanksgiving vs. Our Thanksgiving (Suggested Grade 1) Use pictures to compare the first Thanksgiving to our present day Thanksgiving celebrations.
  • Plant vs. Animal Cells- Use pictures and voice to describe how plant and animal cells are similar and different.


Shows logical, compelling relationship between a situation and the effects a cause ahs produced to influence an audience.
  • What If We Didn't Have... (Suggested Grade 1): Through images and narration, students would tell how the world would be different without TV, radios, magazines, newspapers, and the Internet.
  • Simple Machines (Suggested Grade 1): Through images and narration, students discuss where the machines are found and where they are used.


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A work, such as a film or television program, presenting political, social, or historical subject matter in a factual and informative manner and often consisting of actual news films or interviews accompanied by narration.
  • Students bring a war experience to life using primary sources and interviews.


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Persuasive writing