Narrative Digital Stories

Narrative | Informative/Expository | Persuasive

Personal Expression

Messages sharing experiences, feelings or points of view.
  • How Do Groups Work Together? (Suggested Grade 1): Students digitally illustrate how groups should work together.
  • One Thing That is Different About Me? (Suggested Grade 1): Through an image/s of self, students tell what makes them different and why it makes them special.
  • What Makes You Important to Your Family? (Suggested Grade 1): Through an image/s of self, students tell what makes them important to their family.
  • Careers (Suggested Grade 1): After studying careers, students express what they would like to be and tell what that career does.
  • The Important Think about school: Collaboratively as grade levels or a school create a story about what is important about their school.

Short Story

Fictional stories including plot, setting, characters.
  • Creative Writing - students put their stories into digital form

Myths/Folk Tales

Stories made up to explain origins, values or beliefs.
Cultural stories developed and modified by groups of people over time.
  • Tall Tales - Students can write/narrate their own variations of tall tales.
  • Innovations on Text (Fractured Fairytales): Adapting a story from a different point of view (Ex. Goldisocks and the Three Libearians)


Non-fiction stories with plot, setting, characters. A television or movie dramatization of events based on fact.
Fact based using an abundance of primary source materials.
  • Explorers project - Students could tell the facts from the point of view of the explorer (i.e. narrated diary/log.)
  • Create docudramas about life as an immigrant.

Documentary options:
  • 3rd person narrator
  • 1st person protagonist (Moore)
  • 1st person included (Burns)
  • 1st immersive (King John)
  • We