Narrative | Informative/Expository | Persuasive

Summary Report

Summarizing and presenting about existing information.
  • Hospital Visit (Suggested Grade 1): Students summarize what they learned after visiting the hospital.
  • Environmental Center: Summarize what they learned.
  • Field Trips
  • Assemblies: Students summarize what they learned at an assembly.

Book Report

Summarizing key points and information about a book read.
  • Reader's Theater
  • Retelling from a different character's point of view
  • You Read to Me, I'll Read to You stories from the library. (Grade 1)

How-To Directions

Summarizing detailed step-by-step information.
Demonstrates understanding as well as being organized for the audience to recreate.
  • Fire Safety/Emergency Situations (Suggested Grade 1): Students summarize the fire safety procedures
  • Recipe Books
  • Curriculum Skills: Students would create a photostory to support/review a particular skill they were taught.


Summarizing information about the lives of people and their legacies.
  • Lives of Famous People - students summarize the life of a famous person from the 1st person point of view or from the point of view of an object important to that person.
  • An Important Person in History Is...: Students summarize the great works important historical figures have contributed to society.