Online examples of digital stories, organized by subject area. Consider the content and the craftsmanship as you review the samples. Use these to demonstrate end products with students, as well as to discuss the process of creating a digital story.



Short Story
Poetry Activities



The Path of a Sound Wave
The Eye

Monarch Butterfly Migration
Life Cycle of a Moth

Social Studies

WWII Veteran Documentary
Immigration - A New Life, a New Home




Field Trip

Field Trip Examples Click Hospital Trip link. (PhotoStory 3)

Student Examples

Vids From Kids

Video Stories

Some digital stories may contain video footage in addition to, or in place of digital stills. Examples of this type of story can be found at ican, a site from the San Fernando Education Technology Team, better known as SFETT. An exceptional team of creative and talented individuals who continuously strive to engage and captivate students while providing them an avenue of expression through the use of digital media.