Unsure if your plan to implement digital storytelling is going to be meaningful? Use the resources below for a learning check! See if your plan is one that will move your students into higher order thinking. The process of creating digital stories meets the upper level of both the new Bloom's Taxonomy and the previous version. In addition, digital storytelling with a curricular focus incorporates all levels of ISTE's National Educational Technology Standards for students.

New Bloom's


Bloom's Taxonomy

Blooms Digitally


NETS*S Standards

_NETS_for_Students_2007-1.jpg link="http://www.iste.org/Content/NavigationMenu/NETS/ForStudents/2007Standards/NETS_for_Students_2007.htm"

NETS*T Standards

_NETS_for_Teachers_2008.jpg link="http://www.iste.org/Content/NavigationMenu/NETS/ForTeachers/2008Standards/NETS_for_Teachers_2008.htm"