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Session Description

A digital story should be more than a summary of learned facts. This session will showcase the value in the PROCESS of creating a digital story. Steps to creating a meaningful digital story will be shared, as well as tools for making stories.

Essential Questions?

What is digital storytelling? ( 16 types of communication )
How do we formulate a plan for implementing digital storytelling? ( Readings )
How do we evaluate products? ( evaluating products )
How to get started? ( prompts )
How do we develop and map/storyboard a story? ( overview tools ) ( Process )
Where can we locate safe images? (3-5) ( finding images )
What Questions can we ask students?
What curricular areas for effective digital stories? ( Examples )
How do we share stories? ( one two three four)

UN: krill_user
PW: storytelling

The One Image Story


Resource Sites

One in 8 Million
Number the Stars (YouTube)

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