The Plan!

Getting Started
  • Read the articles about good projects and storytelling on the Readings page.
  • Read reactions & reflections of others on the Summer '09 Agenda discussion tab. Feel free to add your own comments there. Be sure to include article title you are referencing.

  • Review the Tools page to learn about web tools and software tools that can be used to tell stories.
  • Check out the Project Management page to learn about keeping projects organized.
  • Most digital stories will include images. There are ethical issues involved as many images on the internet are protected by copyright. The Ethical Use page provides an overview of the Creative Commons and has links for places to get copyright safe images.

Develop a Sample
  • Learn about assessing digital story projects on the Evaluating Products page.
  • View some of the sample projects to prepare yourself for creating your own digital story.
  • Plan curricular topic(s) for DS
  • Gather resources
  • Create sample project(s)
  • Develop a rubric for your project.
  • Visit the Tell A Story video site to see some completed projects