Take the story idea and work it out on a map - determine if the story is worthy. Consider the content and if it's worthy, then move on to mapping and storyboarding. Story mapping allows the creator to determine the emotional flow of the project and not just the flow of the emotion. A storyboard is an important tool, but can be too restrictive.

Map Ideas

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Story Creation Process

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Seven Steps

A digital story shouldn't be all about the digital. It's really all about the STORY! It is not a stretch to say that 60-70% of the time could be spent in the Pre-Production Phase of the process. The Production and Post Production Phases are important to enhance the message of the story and make it come alive for the viewer. However, without the STORY, the Production Phase will end up being mere decoration rather than illustrating or illuminating.

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Storyboards are visual organizers that assist in the the creation process of digital storytelling. A storyboard lays out images in sequential order to create the flow of the story. The storyboard may also include technical aspects and explanations of design. Some of the information to be included on the storyboard would be: a brief description of images, comments, audio, transition and an estimate of length.

- Generic Storyboard

Sample 2 column storyboard
Template 1

Elements of a Digital Story

Take Six Elements.pdf (diagram with descriptions)

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Story Ideas

Tips for getting started from Alan Levine here.